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At Curio Eyecare we offer complete and comprehensive eye exams. The eyes are our window to the world, so it’s important that they’re healthy and comfortable. Our Doctor works closely with patients to maintain their vision throughout their lifetime. We want you to feel confident in your eyes.

An extreme close up photo of someone's eye. The pupil looks large and their iris is blue color.
A happy little girl stands in an exam room. She is wearing a medical device that is blocking the vision of one of her eyes.
A woman sits inside her car with her dog on her lap. Both are smiling and looking our the window while wearing sunglasses.
3 differently colored and shaped glasses sit on a white surface with plants arrange artistically in the foreground of the photo

Independent Eyewear Beyond the Ordinary

At Curio Eyecare, we’ve made it one of our priorities to support and rock independent eyewear. So say hello to a boldly-unique collection of curated frames. Brands known for their ability to combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary designs. Brands with a story, philanthropic-goals, and even a focus on sustainability. Independent eyewear created by a team that puts their heart and soul into each frame. 

Why independent eyewear? To provide a truly unique experience, we believe in partnering with brands that have heart, style and craft. Designs and brands that you won’t find everywhere. We believe in the little guy and local mom+pop shops.

About Us & Our Mission

Our Story

Our mission is to provide comprehensive eyecare in a relaxed, comfortable setting with professional service. We focus on giving our patients exceptional vision and helping them look exceptional too.

Our Team

The team at Curio Eyecare is made up of a staff of optometrists and eye care professionals who always strive to provide the best service possible. Whether it is assisting with eye exams, helping with frame selection, we are there with you from start to finish!

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