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We’ve included a list of our most common questions. Please contact the office with any further questions you may have and we will be happy to assist you!

Where can I park?

General Parking is available on the street and at the lot next/behind city hall. There is also handicap accessible parking available next to city hall.

Do you have wheelchair access?

Yes! From our entrance ramp, to our exam room, your mobility needs are a priority at our office.

Do I need to be dilated?

It is your body, and we always will advocate that it is your decision to pursue or decline any medical testing. With that being said, we still highly recommend dilation as a baseline for most patients and then as recommended thereafter (~every 2-3 years). Dilation uses drops to make the pupil larger to let more of the retina become visible to the doctor. The side effects are mild and include blurred near vision and sensitivity to light which typically lasts from 3-6 hours.

My vision is fine, do I still need an eye exam?

We are glad you asked! The answer is yes. There are many conditions that can affect the eye that may not necessarily affect vision.

How can I access my exam information?

We offer a convenient patient portal for current patients to access receipts, prescriptions, and most recent exam information. You can always contact our office for access or if you would like a printed copy.

Do you have any special promotions?

  • We offer 50% off lenses and 20% off a frame for a second pair of glasses purchased within 30 days of your first pair
  • We have budget friendly options too, ask us about our special packages!
  • Contact lens rebates available for most brands

Can I take my prescription to go?

Of course! It is your health information after all. We do hope that you take the time to discuss your visual needs with our trained staff. We know what is available in the current market, and we strive to provide products and services that are superior to what is currently available. We can also price match most contact lens prices and can direct ship them to you.

Can you provide me with my PD?

Your pupillary distance is a measurement taken by an optician when fitting your glasses to you. It is the responsibility of whoever is making your glasses to provide this information for you. We include this measurement amongst others when we fit you for glasses. The charge for PD measurement outside of a glasses purchase is $10.

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