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Whether you’re looking for something in your comfort zone or you are looking for that next statement piece, we have you covered. We take our job seriously and prioritize staying up to date on the latest fashion trends and attending international trade shows regularly. 

We believe in quality and craftsmanship. We invite you to touch our frames and you will feel the difference. We have hand selected our frame partners to provide a curious selection of eyewear to keep you looking and seeing your best.


Eyewear Beyond the Ordinary

Lenses & Coating

We offer only the best when it comes to lens materials to offer the best in optical clarity on the market.

It isn’t just about offering a great product, it’s also about selecting the lens options that will best work with your lifestyle. From light adaptive lenses, glare free lenses, to cosmetically thinner lenses, the options are endless. We can help you curate the perfect pair for your needs.

A pair of lenses sit randomly stacked ontop of each other. Each lens has a different color of purple, orange, clear, and green.
A pair of glasses is placed into a machine the looks to be measuring the lens. The glasses are black and held by a woman's hand.

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